March 20, 2022 in Articles

Build from Within: How to Empower Your Employees to Become Internal Experts

Building from within is the ultimate sign of a successful company. Companies that are able to retain their employees and then promote from within the ranks save time, money, and effort compared to companies that constantly have to hire external candidates for managerial positions. 

Employee engagement is an important part of turning employees into internal experts. Find out how your company can ensure that you can build from within below.

Promote Personal Branding

When a company is in a B2B setting, employees should be encouraged to brand themselves personally. Encourage them to share fresh content they have created on LinkedIn, YouTube, the company blog, and other mediums. They will become experts in their fields while promoting your organization.

When you empower your employees to be at their personal best, your company will benefit greatly. The employee will have a true interest in providing their best work for the company at all times.

Encourage and Provide Learning Opportunities

Training, training, training. Every industry has plenty of training opportunities out there for employees. However, not every company will offer those opportunities to their employees. Why not? Investing in your employees should be a top priority, especially if you want to cut down on the turnover rate.

Companies need to not only offer training opportunities, but also encourage employees to attend them when possible. These opportunities can be offered in a variety of ways, but our clients often find that our isolved Learn application is the most efficient and effective way to offer their team on-demand, practical learning opportunities.

Let Employees Set Their Own Pace

Do not force employees to attend training sessions if they choose not to. You can go as far as offering these options, but you shouldn’t make them mandatory unless required by law or OSHA to keep the workplace safe and free from hazards. 

When you want to promote from within, let your employees set their own pace for training and advancement. When employees have control over their own education and advancement, they are more likely to enroll in training courses. 

When you make these courses mandatory, employees will likely be unwilling to take them or finish them in a timely manner.

Offer Informal and Formal Training Opportunities

An excellent way to increase employee engagement and to promote from within is by offering both informal and formal training opportunities. In today’s workforce, where hybrid and work-from-home settings are now commonplace, you need to offer different ways for employees to learn.

Examples of informal training opportunities include podcasts and webinars. With more employees working from home these days, attending webinars and listening to podcasts can offer a convenient way to offer continuing education to your employees. They allow employees greater flexibility for when they do their extra training, especially if they are pre-recorded.

Formal training opportunities include in-person seminars, public speakers, conferences, and digital classes that you can offer on an employee engagement system like isolved. A mix of informal and formal training opportunities alleviates stress for the employee in finding ways to incorporate the sessions in their schedule.

Create a Mentorship Program

Mentors are not just for the education sector. Mentors are used in the emergency services and many other industries. Mentors make it easier for new hires to become acclimated to their surroundings. 

When you establish a mentorship program you not only help new employees, but also give tenured employees a new sense of responsibility. They will see that they are an integral part of the organization because they are being trusted with welcoming and training a new hire. They will take pride in all they do to set an example for their mentee. 

The mentorship program doesn’t have to stop at helping new employees. You can create groups within the program that meet to discuss new ideas, innovations, and how to implement changes at the company. 

You will quickly see an improvement in the corporate culture, engagement of employees, and decreased turnover rate with the addition of a mentorship program. Mentees will know where to go for advice, information, and anything else they might need to succeed at the company.

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