Identity Theft Protection

Is Your Company Protected?

We offer the most knowledgeable identity theft protection in the industry. Our team of dedicated individuals will do whatever it takes to keep you and your employees safe 24/7, 365 days a year.

These days, it seems like you can’t turn on the TV without hearing about stolen identities, data breaches, and life-altering hacks.

Most companies assume that as long as they keep an eye on their credit cards and checking accounts they’re not at risk. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Identity theft schemes are increasing in sophistication and volume — making it very difficult for companies without strong identity theft protection services to remain safe and secure. Identity theft is not a victimless crime, it can cripple businesses and cause financial setbacks for the families of their employees that could take years to recover from.

We help you keep your employees protected through our Identity Theft educational seminars and services.

How Our Identity Theft Solutions Work:

Free On-site Identity Theft Prevention Seminar

At absolutely zero cost to you, AssetHR and IDShield will bring an experienced cybercrime detective to your office to conduct an identity theft prevention seminar highlighting the 6 things most people can do to protect themselves from identity theft.

Why Choose IDShield From AssetHR?

IDShield offers one of the most comprehensive products on the market for identity protection. If your company’s or employee’s name is on it, we’re monitoring it. We watch over everything connected to you, leaving nothing to chance.

We Monitor What Matters

  • Web Persona
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Passport Number
  • Address
  • Email Accounts
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Debit Card Numbers


We’re Here to Help

When you partner with AssetHR and IDShield, you have unlimited access to a Kroll licensed private investigator to answer any questions and walk you through all the steps you can take to protect yourself. We’ve got your back, no matter what.

We Restore Your Identity

In the unfortunate event of a stolen identity, your personal licensed private investigator will work tirelessly to uncover evidence, restore your identity and clear your record back to its pre-theft status. IDShield offers one of the most comprehensive products on the market for protecting and restoring your identity. If your company’s or employee’s name is on it, we’re monitoring it. We watch over everything connected to you, leaving nothing to chance.

Did You Know?


Identity theft has been the FTC’s top complaint for the last 15 years.

0 million

Victims of one or more incidents of identity theft on average every year.

$0 billion

Total losses to identity theft in 2021


Midwest Fence
Midwest Fence
19 May 2022
AssetHR has provided excellent service since we switched our payroll over to them a couple years ago. There are several reasons I like working with them. I do not need to wait on hold to talk to a complete stranger. They don't try to upsell me to products I have no need for. They provide an awesome value for what they charge. I only wish I would have switched years ago when they first approached me. I also loved they only called once a year to ask me to consider making the change, unlike some providers who feel the need to call weekly! Thanks to Chris Kelly for putting together an awesome team.
Jess Schimming
Jess Schimming
13 May 2022
AssetHR has been a great asset to our company.
Jay Caswell
Jay Caswell
2 May 2022
First in Class. In a world where most have to choose two of three...cost, quality, service...Asset HR can deliver all three. I've had nothing but great experiences with the entire team, from initial contact through client care. In my opinion, the fact that I can actually speak to a "relationship person" I know versus a call center is a total differentiator. Highly recommend! Oh, and don't forget to ask about their Safety programs in addition to HR options.
John Romans
John Romans
20 April 2022
It's been a pleasure collaborating with Asset HR. In particular, Joey Kelly has been a great resource for our HR Team. Highly recommend.
Connie Isaacson
Connie Isaacson
1 February 2022
AssetHR has phenomenal customer service. They treat you like you are the only company they are working with! Highly recommend this exceptional team!
Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen
19 January 2022
AssetHR is the gold standard in HR service and support. As a solo HR I leaned on them countless times for advice and questions. Each time I called they answered the phone was quickly answered by someone who was well versed in their services and helped me immediately. I am a huge fan of AssetHR and highly recommend them!
Kurt Larsen
Kurt Larsen
27 August 2021
I use AssetHR at Viking Engineering. They are experts and provide outstanding customer service!
Thomas Aslesen
Thomas Aslesen
29 July 2021
It has been a pleasure to partner with Chris and Joey at AssetHR. My clients were intentional about selecting a firm with excellent customer service; integrated technology and above all - unquestionable integrity. That's exactly what AssetHR delivers every day. They're much more than a payroll company. AssetHR provides a robust platform of HR services.
Thomas Westphal
Thomas Westphal
28 July 2021
As the President of Corchran, Incorporated, we switched over to Asset HR's pay rolling service from one of the big name companies after experiencing less than satisfactory service. With the big name company, just getting in touch with someone was almost impossible. When we did, the person was usually unable to help with the problem. With Asset HR, we were able to talk directly to the customer representatives and if by chance they were unable to answer the phone, we always had a return call within 5 minutes. There was never a problem resolving any of the questions we had and the ability of their engineers to write custom reports for us was a hug plus! We would tell them what we wanted for an end product on the report and they would go to work on it and in a day or two we had our report. The other benefit to Asset HR was the cost was considerably less than the big name payroll company. Lower cost, great service with excellent support! It was and is a no-brainer if you are looking for a great company to work with. Tom Westphal Former President Corchran, Inc.
Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart
28 July 2021
AssetHR has been an unbelievable resource for me for HR related services for many years. As someone in the benefits business, AssetHR separates themselves by providing a high level of personal service, custom to your business. I would highly recommend them for any of your HR and payroll needs.

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