iHire Drives Efficiency and Growth for Client

By choosing an HR solution better-suited for their needs, our client has been able to see meaningful, scalable growth in their company over the duration of our partnership.

The situation: The client had many complicated processes in place that required a lot of manual work, eating up more time and resources than necessary. Job applicants were tracked in a spreadsheet, Affordable Care Act reporting was completed by-hand, and data was constantly having to be pieced together from across a range of platforms and databases.

Our work: After bringing the client on board in 2006, we began working with their in-house HR manager to pull all data and processes into the AssetHR ecosystem. We’re able to quickly tailor a solution to any needs they have outside our out-of-the-box system, meaning the system we maintain for the client is constantly evolving and becoming better based on their unique needs.

We implemented iSolved, our human capital management solution, to easily oversee benefit tracking, administration tasks, and eligibility requirements. iHire was used to manage the applicant tracking, giving the client the ability to integrate this process into their existing website.

By running any ideas or issues by our team, the client was able to quickly and easily learn and adopt their new AssetHR system.

The results: In the time since the client began work with us, they’ve grown from 300 to 500 employees and drastically decreased the time and energy they’d been spending on maintaining their previous HR processes, from onboarding to maintaining legal compliance.

Because of AssetHR, our client has experienced incredible growth while keeping its systems scalable. They know our friendly, knowledgeable team is always there to answer questions, come up with solutions, and keep making HR a breeze.