Right Partner, Right Platform, Right Sized

The situation: Trafera, formerly Trinity3, supplies K-12 schools nationwide with learning technology to connect in a virtual environment. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic ignited the demand to get devices in students’ hands and with it the need to support employees in new and challenging ways.

Our work: When Trafera first partnered with AssetHR, they had eight employees. In less than two years, the company ballooned to over 300 staff members through organic growth and mergers – equating to an astonishing 300% increase in employees all served on the isolved People Cloud.

As Trafera entered the final stages of their merger, they arrived at an impasse. Trinity3 was using isolved and FireFly was using another provider. A choice had to be made.

The results: There were arguments on both sides, but what tipped the scale was Trafera’s relationship with AssetHR. While we provide an enterprise-level technology system in our iSolved platform, the core of our business is our relationships and the family-level service we’re able to provide with our team. 

“There’s a level of service you get with AssetHR that you can’t get elsewhere,” said Bill Hansen, HR manager at Trafera, “When you know someone who can back up the technology, it sets them apart. With AssetHR, I have their work number, their cell number and that person answers the phone to the degree that I feel you are talking to isolved. They never say, ‘I need to check with isolved.’ They already know because they have studied and learned the system and stay educated as enhancements are rolled out. It’s as if we are talking to isolved, AssetHR is that deep in its product knowledge.”

Since the merger, Trafera’s HR department has adopted our enterprise-level technology solution for payroll, hiring, employee engagement, benefits administration, and open enrollment. 

At the encouragement of AssetHR, the next phase of growth will be to automate more HR processes to free up time and focus on people over burdensome processes.