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The Problem.

Our client is a company with seasonal workers. Many of their employees work a 34-36-week season, but their pay and benefits are stretched out over the entire 12-month year. Our client wanted a way to streamline payroll and better track benefits to help limit possible errors that can occur with this type of set up.

Streamlining payroll and benefits in this type of situation can get tricky, because it can make it look like employees are changing their coverage plan during the year, while most are not.

Our Solution.

We provided our client with calculated overrides and created capped benefit plans for each coverage code. This allows employees to have increased premiums taken during the time that they are working. Once they have paid for a full year-long premium, the deductions are shut off.

To manage the carrier fees, we worked directly with our client and their broker to ensure the medical provider only received information related to actual changes.

The results.

By providing our client with simple workarounds, we decreased the greater responsibility of manually tracking the premiums themselves. We also helped build automated safeguards into the system that made the process far less manual. By implementing these new systems, our client will spend less money and time managing their programs and they will encounter fewer costly issues over time.