Outsourced safety training drives significant insurance savings

The Problem.

Our client, Chemstar, is a manufacturer of starch-based products. They have been part of our payroll family for years, and throughout that time have slowly layered in some of the additional capabilities that our intuitive HR system has to offer, like online benefits enrollment, applicant tracking, and our identity theft prevention program.

Our deep relationship with Chemstar is built on extensive industry knowledge, responsiveness across our team and an ability to quickly tackle any special needs or requests they have. So, when their internal safety training person left the company, Chemstar turned to us. They had had a wildly positive experience as a payroll client and knew they could trust us to deliver current and on-trend safety training programs for their multiple facilities.

Our Solution.

With three locations across the US, we have a multi-prong approach to the different types of training this client needs. Each month, we visit one of their locations to facilitate an on-site compliance training. The topic of these trainings can range from lockout/tag out training to building evacuations.

The Results.

We partner with Chemstar to make sure that we have all the information needed prior to each training, then compare that to how an outside regulator would approach their facility, and craft a customized program for their staff. By utilizing our safety consultants, we’ve provided deeper training that’s led to a significant decrease in injuries and claims. This has had a substantial impact on their MOD, creating considerable savings on their Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Beyond this, we are able to leverage our extensive knowledge and insight to keep both their leadership team and their staff up-to-date on the best safety protocols and practices, giving them the ongoing expertise they need in an efficient, cost-effective way.