Chris Kelly

Chris is a Senior executive, entrepreneur and business owner since 1990. He is the founder and president of AssetHR since 2005, offering Human Resource, Payroll and Employee Benefits solutions to clients across varied industries, including banking, financial and business professional services, information technology, health and medical services and manufacturing.

Chris has extensive knowledge in all facets of the HR outsourcing marketplace, including human resource management system (HRMS) technology, payroll administration, employee benefit products and administration, plus employer insurance products. He prides himself on being fair to his employee and clients, “chasing relationships above revenue”.

Besides being passionate about creating a like-minded employee environment where customer service and production is our first priority, Chris enjoys spending his free time with his family; his wife, MaryAnn, and their four children, Joey, Frankie, Jack, Gwendolyn. Whether its golfing, lifting weights, volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, or flying back to his hometown in New York, Chris is happy to have the opportunity to spend quality time around the people he loves.