March 18, 2022 in Articles

Top 2022 HR Trends

With 2022 off to a fast start, it’s time to explore the top 2022 HR trends for the workforce. Changes to where, how, and when we work as a whole are continually evolving, especially since the pandemic hit. 

With more workers than ever before working from home, many companies will need to explore new ways to ensure their employees are happy, healthy, and feeling fulfilled in what they do for employment.

2022 HR Trends: The Well-Being of Your Employees

The well-being of your employees is no longer a benefit for employees. Instead, it has turned into an opportunity for employers to support their employees in everything they do in their work and personal lives. 

Employee well-being isn’t just about the employee’s physical well-being. It now encompasses the employee’s social, financial, emotional, and career wellness.

The pandemic has forced companies to focus more on the well-being of the whole employee, including their family. This can be done by offering free subscriptions to health and wellness apps, providing help with homeschooling, aiding parents in balancing their career and personal lives, and more.

Employee Performance in a Hybrid/WFH Environment

Hybrid work is not going to disappear once it has been declared that the pandemic is behind us. Instead, it is going to stay and even increase as time marches on in every industry. 

A hybrid workplace is one that supports employees working in the office and from home at their own discretion or at the direction of the company.

Companies will need to monitor employee performance in a hybrid or work-from-home environment so that they remain successful. Your organization will need to clearly define job roles, expectations, and how success will be measured. 

Communication from management with employees must be clear, including how an equitable work environment will be created with employees located all over the place.

2022 HR Trends: Employee Recognition

Employee recognition will need to move to a different level in 2022 with so many employees working from home or in a hybrid situation. Employee recognition can take many forms, including awards, bonuses, added time off, and other benefits. 

However, many employees might prefer being publicly recognized in front of their peers. Companies can make sure this happens by distributing internal press releases, holding seminars quarterly to honor top employees, and by recognizing excellent work in emails. Our isolved system helps you do this seamlessly within your organization to improve employee loyalty and retention.

A Four-Day Workweek

Some companies might explore a four-day workweek in 2022 instead of increasing employee pay. One less day at work, even if it’s for a remote or hybrid position, can improve corporate culture, boost employee morale, and help employees deal with stress. 

A four-day workweek can also help companies keep their employees happy. Employees working from home were able to adjust their schedules accordingly, became more productive, and were able to spend more time with their families.

Adopting New Technologies

One of the biggest 2022 HR trends will be how companies adopt new technologies. Being able to adopt new technology can make companies more successful. We watched it unfold in real-time when the pandemic struck in 2020. 

Part of technology adoption is the skills development of employees. Companies that are able to blend these two trends together will see the most success. Our enterprise-level technology partner, isolved, allows us to bring multiple human capital management technologies to your business in one simple system. From ongoing learning and employee development to scheduling and expense management, to streamlining your talent acquisition strategy, we have solutions available in one incredible platform.

Promoting from Within

Internal movement is the process of moving employees to different departments, into new roles, and giving them new responsibilities in order to retain them. Companies have always tried new things in order to keep their most-valued employees. 

Moving a high-performing employee into a new role or department helps the company save money, effort, and time when employing personnel externally. Having an internal movement plan in place can also aid in the development of management personnel. 

Promoting from within entices employees to stay with your company for the long haul since they see the possibilities of moving up the corporate ladder.

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