March 23, 2022 in Articles

Five Ways to Successfully Improve Your Employee Experience for Increased Employee Retention

Employee retention is a hot topic for companies of all sizes in every industry. Holding onto the best employees is not always easy, even if your company has the best benefits, highest salaries, and other enticing perks.

Employees are looking for more than just money, insurance, and perks. They want to feel needed, respected, valued, and part of the bigger picture. When you improve the employee experience, you can increase employee retention. Explore these five ways to improve the experience of your employees from Asset HR.

Focus on Excelling at Communication

Nothing can drive a good employee away faster than poor communication. Employees want to know what is happening where they work. They don’t want to be left in the dark, especially when dealing with issues affecting them directly.

Communication should not be a challenge for companies. All it takes is a quick phone call, email, virtual meeting, or in-person discussion to relay information.

Ensure that these methods of communication are put to good use:

  • Use technology to your advantage
  • Ask your employees what they want or need
  • Use plain language when communicating with employees
  • Follow a template for communication plans for large announcements
  • Use visuals to augment important messages

Provide Meaningful Work

Busy work is never a good thing in the professional world. Assigning a project to an employee for the sake of giving them something to work on can backfire easily. Employees want to know that what they are doing is meaningful. Find work that they can feel proud of and that they know contributes to the big picture.

Create a Positive Work Environment

The employee experience needs to be a positive one if you want to retain your workers for the long haul. This starts with the culture at your company.

Poor attitude will easily rub off on your employees, which can turn into a poor work ethic. Before you know it, client orders are not being fulfilled on time and customer service takes a hit.

You can do the following to create a positive work environment:

  • Hire the right employees and fire the bad ones
  • Improve communication
  • Make the office comfortable
  • Regularly check-in with employees
  • Offer opportunities for learning and advancement (our isolved Learn deployment is a great tool to make this simple!)
  • Creating a positive work environment starts at the top and encompasses every single employee.

Offer Growth Opportunities

Companies that offer growth opportunities often retain the best employees. An employee can see early on if they will be able to grow with a company. If there are no opportunities for advancement in an employee’s career, it will be a challenge to keep them from jumping ship.

Your company can change. It has been done before and it will happen again. It might take a lot of convincing, effort, and drive, but if you want to retain employees it needs to happen.

Start small by adding a new rung on your corporate ladder and make the necessary promotion. Once you backfill the position that was left empty by the promotion you can create more opportunities for your employees.

Use the Right Tools

Increasing employee retention begins with the overall employee experience. The best way to ensure that your employees are enjoying their experience working for your company is to ask for their feedback.

Honest feedback can be difficult to hear. Your employees may have criticisms to offer, especially if you’ve experienced a high turnover rate recently. However, asking for feedback is critical in improving the employee experience at your organization.

There are many tools you can use to measure employee engagement and collect feedback. Make sure you are conducting exit interviews with employees who choose to leave your company for opportunities elsewhere. You might not like what you hear, but these interviews can provide honest insight into your company’s culture.

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