We get it. Human Capital Planning is a lot for one person to undertake. After all, humans and capital are pretty much two of the toughest things to manage. As a business owner, CFO, or HR head you know that many days this balance between humans and capital makes your job feel more like you’re running a family than a business.

That’s where we come in. Our family business is human capital management — built on putting relationships above everything else. In fact, we only add new accounts when we are 100% sure that we have the time and people to provide the extraordinary service we demand of ourselves. When you make the choice to outsource your workday human capital management services to Asset HR, you get a personal, human touch backed by cutting-edge, state-of-the-art capital management technology.

Once our programs get rolling, you’ll have access to an incredible wealth of HR and legal counsel and employee development knowledge, designed to help your organization run more efficiently and effectively. Welcome to the family.

À La Carte Human Resources Services

One of the ways we put the human side in human resources is by offering our clients customized à la carte options for their unique Human Capital Management needs. Restaurants don’t force you to order wine, an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert — and neither do we. With Asset HR you get to pick only the services you really need. If all you need is a payroll processing service, that’s all we’ll do and that’s all you’ll pay for. If you love how your employee’s health care benefits and retirement plans are being handled, keep doin’ your thing while we oversee leadership development training and work as your HR professional consultants. Of course, if you wish to sign up for our entire suite of human capital management that’s always an option.

HR Professional Consulting

Leadership Training Courses

Identity Theft Protection

OSHA Training Course and Certification

On-Demand Legal Services

Single-Source Reporting

Streamlined Recruiting

Payroll Processing

Tax Management

Attendance & Time Management

Human Capital Management – iSolved

ACA Compliance


Ready To Join Our Family?

Whether you’re looking for AssetHR to handle all your HR needs or you just need assistance in a few key areas — we’re here to help.

One of our human capital management experts will get back to you right away.

Our pledge is to always put client relationships above profits — only acquiring new clients when we have the capacity to do so without sacrificing the extraordinary customer service and the personal touch you deserve.