January 3, 2023 in Articles

5 Talent Acquisition Tips for 2023

How do you plan on attracting and retaining the best talent for 2023? The most successful companies are evolving their recruitment strategy, adopting more of a marketing approach rather than merely posting an ad on a career site. 

Talent acquisition demands that you put your best foot forward and learn to focus on the things that matter the most to your prospective employees. The following 5 tips can help you showcase your employer brand and connect with the needs of today’s job seekers.

1. Define Productivity

What does productivity look like in your organization? You’re undoubtedly aware of the so-called “quiet quitting” movement, where workers choose to perform the minimum requirements of their jobs and no more. But if you define productivity as more than just the number of hours worked, you can easily boost employee engagement and make an employee feel valued.

In fact, you’ll likely see greater engagement by tying employee productivity back to the company’s underlying mission. Employees will be more eager to give their all to a cause or purpose that’s bigger than themselves. Keeping this mission in front of your workers can motivate them, inspire them, and avoid the temptation of “quiet quitting” or burnout.

2. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Employees (and job applicants) are looking for an employer who respects their time and non-work commitments. Offering a strong work-life balance can be a huge selling point when it comes to talent acquisition. Some of the most common ways to achieve this balance include:

·       Offering flexible hours

·       Offering work-from-home or hybrid options

·       Refraining from encouraging overtime work or long hours

·       Encouraging employees to participate in fitness or wellness programs

More importantly, your company’s management must demonstrate a commitment to work-life balance and model a commitment to self-care and meaningful time off. These commitments not only help you attract new recruits but also help you retain your most dedicated workers.

3. See Boomerang Employees as an Opportunity

Record-setting inflation is increasing the cost of living for all Americans, but retirees are hit especially hard. It’s therefore not unusual to see Baby Boomers retire from a lengthy career only to return to the workforce a short while later. 

Often, these workers make lateral moves within their respective industries, occupying a different role than before yet at the same level of seniority or pay.

For hiring managers, these “boomerang” employees present an enormous opportunity. Older employees can contribute invaluable experience and skills to your workforce. And even if they’re new to your team, their life experience alone can make them a mentor for rising stars. 

4. Find Ways to Cultivate Loyalty in a Hybrid Environment

Even as the 2020 pandemic has tapered off, America’s workforce has retained a hybrid schedule, working from home for at least a portion of the week. 

But if you’re not careful, this could eventually be an alienating experience, especially for new hires who aren’t familiar with your company culture. When new hires don’t feel that they “fit in,” they might take their skills elsewhere. 

How can you focus on company culture in a hybrid environment? Be deliberate in planning the hybrid schedule. Aim to have specified days when the entire team is fully present. These days make “centers of gravity” that keep team members productive and accountable and help new recruits integrate more completely into your company culture.

5. Use Data to Adapt Your Company Culture

No two companies are alike. Your company culture should be as unique as the people on your team. The future of HR demands that talent managers take a bottom-up approach to company culture, allowing employees to have a direct voice in the policies and practices that define their workplace.

Employee surveys can be a great way to gather feedback, and in larger organizations, you might tap into previous employment data to identify and analyze patterns. You’ll adopt a fluid approach to your company culture this way and allow it to evolve with your team members rather than forcing employees to adapt to your company.

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