May 2, 2022 in Articles

Empower Your Employees to Become Leaders: Tips for Success

In business, your people are your most valuable assets. Empowering your employees will enable them to feel more confident and be more productive.

How can you create meaningful and lasting change in your employees? By empowering them to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. 

Empowering employees is a great way to get their creative juices flowing and develop their leadership potential. Managers should foster an environment in which employees can take the initiative and use their inherent and learned skills to achieve the company’s goals.

Here are six employee empowerment tips that will help you build a stronger company and create better leaders: 

Hire People with Potential

When you’re looking for new hires, focus on candidates who show signs of being great team leaders. Look for individuals who are assertive and motivated rather than those who are solely concerned with the paycheck or job title. Consider whether the candidate has already taken on leadership roles in other organizations or volunteer settings.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Ensure that each employee has the opportunity to enhance their professional skills. Provide training on topics that will help employees develop their careers and become stronger leaders. Offer mentorship programs or job shadowing opportunities so employees can learn from more experienced professionals.

There are a number of ways you can do this, including:

·       Providing on-the-job training

·       Sending employees to conferences and trade shows

·       Hosting workshops and seminars

·       Developing an internship program

·       Designating a mentor or coach for each employee

·       Conducting performance reviews

You can streamline your administration in offering opportunities like these by partnering with our team. Not only can we deploy our award winning isolved system to implement enterprise-level human capital management systems seamlessly for your organization, we are able to provide ongoing leadership development, OSHA training and more, helping you to build a culture of learning within your company. Offering these professional development opportunities not only empowers your employees, but it helps you retain your talent and increase employee engagement.

Create an Inclusive Work Environment

Provide avenues for employees to share their ideas and opinions with management or the whole team, such as employee-led discussions or focus groups. Encourage teamwork, both inside and outside the office, so employees can get to know one another better and build relationships based on trust and respect.

Mentor Employees

Mentoring is one of the best ways to empower employees to take on leadership roles. By working directly with a leader, they’ll be able to learn from someone who understands what it takes to succeed. 

Some organizations pair employees up with mentors based on personality traits, professional interests, or skill sets. This approach can ensure that the mentor-mentee relationship will be productive and beneficial for all involved. 

If a manager doesn’t have enough time to mentor an employee, there are plenty of other ways they can help that person develop their leadership skills. Your organization may also want to consider partnering with another business on a mentorship program.

Offer Employee Development Committees

Employee development committees are a great way for employees to brainstorm ideas and implement initiatives that will support professional growth within the organization. 

These committees also provide an outlet where emerging leaders can share their thoughts and ideas with management on how they can improve the employee experience in the workplace.

Set Goals and Objectives for Employees

Setting goals is one of the first steps toward employee development. When you set goals, make sure to refer back to the core purpose and mission of your organization. It’s easy to get lost in setting goals if they’re not tied to some kind of company value or objective. 

For example, if you’re running a small business that provides online marketing services, then one goal might be to increase customers’ return on investment (ROI) from your marketing strategy by 30 percent within six months. 

That’s a measurable goal that aligns with the company’s mission — increasing customers’ ROI from online marketing efforts.

Create Leaders with Help from AssetHR

Developing the leaders of tomorrow is an effective, measurable way to ensure your company will succeed in today’s world. Whether you’re looking for leadership training for one person or an entire department, you can trust that AssetHR has the experience and commitment to take you there.

At AssetHR, we have developed a unique Leadership Development Framework that will help you build the assets for your organization’s success. From strategy and strategic planning to coachability and accountability, we provide tools and resources that will help you discover new ways to create leaders for your organization. Let’s connect to consider the options that might be right for your organization.