September 17, 2021 in Articles

Why Outsourcing HR Creates Efficiencies

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As a leader of your organization, you’re always looking for ways to help your company run more effectively and efficiently. A well-run HR department can be vital in helping you attain that goal, but there are many obstacles within HR that may very well be holding you back.

From recruiting and onboarding to administering benefits and the endless amounts of paperwork that can slow your entire organization down, it’s not always easy to ensure that HR is as streamlined as it can be.

One way that successful organizations today are ensuring the efficiency of their human resources department is through outsourcing.

Outsourcing HR can relieve your in-house HR employees of the mountain of paperwork so that they can focus on the most important aspect of their role: fostering human connections throughout your organization.

To help you get a better idea of the ways that outsourcing HR can make your company as efficient as possible, we’ve detailed some of the biggest advantages it has to offer.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Recruiting new talent often involves meeting candidates and getting a feel for their fit with your organization, but there’s plenty of tasks that can slow the process down significantly.

Outsourcing HR can take the burden of creating job descriptions and listing them in the most visible spaces in order to find the largest number of viable candidates. That way, your in-house team can focus on the person-to-person aspects of the job.

Administering Benefits

Because the laws surrounding employee benefits are constantly changing, the task of administering them carries a high potential for error. These errors can be costly ones! Any organization looking to maximize efficiency (and profits) would do well to avoid them at all costs.

Outsourcing HR can help you to stay on top of the constantly changing laws in order to ensure compliance while providing your employees with the sort of enticing benefits packages that will inspire them to stay with you for the long haul.

Ensuring Compliance

Employment regulations are constantly changing at both the state and federal level. Responsibility to adhere to these rules falls on your HR team.

Outsourcing HR means that you can leave risk management in the hands of experts so that you can put all of your focus on achieving your organizational goals.

Increasing Productivity

Managers often wear many hats — perhaps even too many. Sometimes, managers are tasked with jobs that should be relegated to an HR department.

From fielding various questions to managing time off and more, management can easily get trying to juggle too many responsibilities.

With those burdens removed, your team will have more time and headspace to focus on the things that they were hired to do. This will increase their productivity, and by extension, the organization’s productivity, all while creating a more satisfied, less stressed workforce.

Increased Employee Retention Rates

Speaking of a more satisfied and less stressed workforce, outsourcing HR is a great way to keep your employees happy and to keep them around.

By creating clearer communication, removing unnecessary (and frankly boring) tasks, and working to enhance the overall employee experience, your outsourced HR team is likely to increase your employee retention rates.

Higher retention rates mean that you won’t be left to deal with recruiting and onboarding as often. You’ll have an experienced team that will keep your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Saving Your Organization Money

All that efficiency is bound to save your organization money in the long run, right? Definitely!

Outsourcing HR can help you to cut costs in various areas, including in the recruiting and onboarding process, payroll costs, and taxes. Skilled HR firms can often identify innovative ways to reduce your expenses or adjust your protocols to be more efficient.

When you use an experienced team of HR professionals, you’ll also avoid any of the significant fines that can come from compliance issues.

Sure, outsourcing HR is an expense in and of itself, but in the long run, you’ll save far more money than you’ll spend on a high-quality service.

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