August 4, 2023 in Articles

How to Promote Your Company’s Employee Rewards Program

You have a great Employee Rewards Program in place but not many of your workers are using it. Why is that? How can you promote it?

Sometimes it can be hard to help your employees understand and value the rewards package you may offer to them. In this post, you will find the best ways to help you promote your employee rewards program amongst your employees.

How to Promote Your Company’s Employee Rewards Program

One you have established your employee’s rewards or perks program, it is time to inform and add value to your proposal by sharing it with your staff. This step is fundamental to give visibility to your HR department’s efforts.

We want to improve the wellbeing of our employees and to help them work more efficiently and be happier with the company. A well designed and customized rewards plan is the best way to incentivize your employees for their hard work and loyalty.

There are multiple communication channels that can be effective when helping you promote your rewards or benefits package or program amongst your staff. If this is the first time that you are launching your rewards program, note that during the first months it will be necessary to carry out a more exhaustive follow-up to check with employees who have signed up, those who have not, and any problems that they may be encountering.

Take Suggestions

The first recommendation we have is that you use meetings and alternatives such as questionnaires and suggestion boxes to obtain the information of what are the interests of your employees. Don’t forget to also regularly update your employees on how changes are progressing, issues are being resolved, and how you are considering their suggestions.

Promote a championship

It is always a great idea to promote a championship among your employees to see who is making the best out of their experience using their benefits program. You can do this on a monthly basis, where each month you will reward whoever used the platform more or whoever earned more points, based on the kind of program that you have. Encourage others to talk to whoever won last period and to ask for ways in which they can level up their game.

Add it to offer letters and new hire orientation sessions

You can always add your rewards program as an incentive in the offer letter given to prospective employees. This will help you add value to your proposal and they will be more likely to sign if they see that you care about their wellness and that you value their work. During new hire orientation, make sure you explain how to sign up for their rewards program and take a few minutes to go around your platform to showcase features that they might be interested in.

Mailing Campaigns:

Make sure that you are sending regular emails to your employees reminding them of the great benefits that they have access to. These need to inform the users on how to sign up and go around the system that you have so that they can enjoy their rewards!

Slack Channels and Messaging:

If you use any communication channels such as Teams, Slack, or any others, use these to share your perks and rewards with your employees. They are used to constantly checking these channels, therefore they won’t miss your message on their benefits.

There are many ways in which you can promote your rewards and perks program. Find what works best for you and never stop receiving feedback from your employees!

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