April 4, 2023 in Articles, Podcast

AssetHour Episode 15: AssetHR x isolved Event

Show Notes:

Short description:

In this episode, Lina Tonk joins AssetHour Host Chris Kelly to discuss their friendship and promote the upcoming AssetHR x iSolved event in May! 

Lina is B2B digital marketer and CMO of isolved, AssetHR’s HCM partner. A leader in employee experience, passionate about demand gen, GTM strategies, and Brand that impacts revenue growth, Lina has been a longtime supporter of AssetHR’s client growth and is focused on empowering those she works with. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Lina’s leadership and impact have grown in the HR community through her role at isolved
  • How a focus on family impacts the way she conducts business 
  • Information on the isolved Roadshow, how did Lina come up with this idea?
  • How isolved’s growth is determined based on the growth needs of existing clients
  • Encouraging customer appreciation and connecting the community 
  • Making a commitment to the customers to service everyone as a whole 
  • What to do with a client who is not feeling satisfied and how to exceed their expectations 
  • Being able to grow and serve for your partners, allowing them to be your roadmap to continue to innovate 
  • The importance of having a solid relationship with your partnerships 

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Connect with us:

Lina:  l linkedlinkedin.com/in/linamtonk & https://www.isolvedbenefitservices.com/why-isolved

Chris: linkedin.com/in/chris-kelly-107ab71