March 3, 2023 in Articles

Complicated HR Systems Can Lead to Workplace Confusion — How Does Your Company Rank?

Among the most common employee complaints about HR is the number of systems a company uses to manage critical functions like scheduling, hiring, and benefits. It’s not unheard of for organizations to use four or more methods to handle essential tasks. 

Each of these systems usually requires a login and a password for the employee to remember, making it challenging to stay on track with all their HR tasks, such as organizing vacation time, applying for a new position, or setting up benefits. 

It may be time for a cleanup if your organization is using multiple systems to handle critical HR responsibilities. Consider finding an all-in-one solution that combines all HR tasks into one system. 

The isolved HCM System to the Rescue

At AssetHR, we use the isolved HCM system for all our client’s HR needs. This system is an easy-to-use platform that combines critical HR tasks, including all of the following:

Talent Acquisition

A robust talent acquisition platform, isolved makes applicant evaluation a breeze. Using the module, HR and hiring managers can review specific information about a candidate, including their resumes, feedback from interviews, and application status. 

Once you’ve hired a candidate, you can move them through the onboarding phase, introducing them to your company and answering potential questions they may have.

HR and Payroll

There are many administrative activities HR must handle, including obtaining necessary hiring forms and tax details of new employees. Usually, employees must update their forms yearly or whenever a significant change occurs, like a marriage or a new child.

Payroll is another complex activity that can take up lots of time, especially when handled manually or through ineffective systems. With isolved, you can reduce the time your HR professionals spend on bureaucratic matters, allowing them to concentrate on more critical, value-added activities.

The HR & Payroll module also allows employees to select from your organization’s available benefits, including health and dental insurance, retirement plan options, and flexible spending accounts. 

Once your HR team sets up the available options, you won’t need to spend time explaining benefits to every new hire. Instead, they’ll be able to review them and ask specific questions if they arise.

Workforce Management

Activities involving workforce management can be substantial time sucks, especially if you don’t have the right tools to handle them. Using the workforce management module in isolved, your HR manager can ensure quick team scheduling for the upcoming pay periods, taking into account requested vacation time. 

Scheduling can take hours when done manually, especially if you have numerous employees and factors to consider, such as busy periods and customer needs. Once you implement specific parameters, the isolved HCM system can create an appropriate schedule within minutes. 

The platform also offers a built-in chat app, allowing you to communicate directly with workers through the system when you need to. There’s no need to write a lengthy email or make a phone call; a quick, direct message can resolve your questions efficiently.

Talent Management

The isolved platform offers a comprehensive talent management module that allows business managers to provide employees with the training they need to perform well in their roles. There are dozens of preprogrammed courses workers can choose from, or you can create your own tailored classes specific to your organization.

Another benefit of isolved is its ability to manage employee engagement and performance. You can set clear goals for your workers to reach each quarter and monitor their achievements. There’s also space for managers and employees to provide feedback to one another.

AssetHR Recommends isolved HCM

At AssetHR, we regularly recommend that our clients implement isolved HCM for their HR technology needs. Combined with our white-glove approach to ensuring clients receive the best-customized customer assistance, we’ve found isolved to be paramount to achieving results.

While many companies balk at installing a new HR system, especially if they already have a few they’re using, implementation of isolved HR is a snap. With our process and skilled team, implementation is typically a relatively seamless experience for you and your team. During the implementation, you’ll have a team of HR and technology experts available to answer any questions you have.

To learn more about AssetHR, isolved HCM, and how both can assist you in running your business, contact us today!