November 2, 2021 in Articles

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Workplace Safety Programs/OSHA Compliance

Safety is important. It’s so important that your workplace safety programs should be handled by outsourced professionals and not internal staff members.

After all, many companies already outsource such core functions as human resources and accounting. This article will explain how outsourcing workplace safety can improve your efficiency while ensuring OSHA compliance.

You Lack the Staff

If you already have a workplace safety program in place, who’s running it? There’s a good chance that your existing staff doesn’t have the bandwidth to keep up with your company’s day-to-day operations and maintain a workplace safety program.

While some companies have the financial resources to hire a full-time safety consultant, many smaller companies don’t find this feasible. Outsourcing your safety program can keep your employees focused on their jobs, not running a safety program.

You Need Specialized Assistance

Even if you have the staff to devote to a workplace safety program, it’s unlikely they will possess an expert’s specialized qualifications and the broad skillset of an outsourced firm.

An outside safety expert will have technical training in the field and can bring experience gained from working with other similar companies to implement a solution that ensures OSHA compliance while improving the efficiency of your operations.

Keep in mind that OSHA regulations are subject to change. Hiring an outside consultant is the best way to ensure that you and your staff receive expert input that remains up-to-date on all OSHA regulations while shifting lability onto an outside party. This shift can minimize violations as well as keep your workspace and employees protected.

You Need to Meet Temporary Obligations

While workplace safety is an ongoing concern, there may be times when you need additional consultation. For example, when working on a particular contract or project, you and your staff may require specialized training and input to ensure OSHA compliance.

Outsourcing these needs to an independent firm allows you to obtain input for the duration of this contract and eliminates the need for a long-term hiring solution.

This model also ensures worker safety on specialized projects. If you find yourself handling unfamiliar tasks or materials, having an outside consultant provide guidance can protect your employees against injuring themselves on the job.

You Value Objectivity

Company politics or departmental conflicts don’t constrain outside safety consultants. What you’ll get is honest, candid advice.

Since this consultant will have experience working with other companies in your industry, the consultant can share how other companies are improving their performance, which can help you maintain a competitive edge.

Some employees may be tempted to dismiss the safety concerns of their fellow workers but be more willing to adhere to the advice of an external authority. Outsourcing your workplace safety programs can increase compliance among your staff members, ensuring a safer workplace for everyone.

You Need to Provide Training

Workplace safety often overlaps with your day-to-day activities. An external consultant may be able to provide safety protocols for your workers that include basic training in such areas as:

● Forklift operation

● Material safety

● First-aid/CPR training

● Use of personal protective equipment

Additionally, the safety protocols devised by these outside agencies can include written logs and other records that your company can use to ensure compliance and accountability by all staff members. These records will also protect the company if there are any safety incidents in the future.

You Plan to Grow

Growing companies can benefit from outsourcing a variety of programs. Outsourcing your administrative and safety process can ensure that your workers remain committed to revenue-generating processes as you hire external consultants for ancillary needs.

This modality also means that as your business grows, an independent safety consultant can provide your team with input on your company’s evolving needs.

With growth comes new opportunities, and these opportunities may need the advice of an industry expert to stay up-to-date with OSHA regulations and best practices for workplace safety.

Focus on the Future, and We’ll Keep You Up-to-Date

Asset HR has over 20 years of experience providing health and safety training to help your company reduce injuries and increase compliance.

We can help you implement and maintain safety programs to keep you and your employees working safely and efficiently long into your company’s future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best position you for safe, explosive growth.