September 27, 2023 in Podcast

AssetHour Episode 20: The Culture Climb Book Review

Show Notes:

Short description:

In this episode, Jaime Taets shares about her newly released book “The Culture Climb” which is named as a best seller on Amazon! Chris and Jaime hit on a few key points of the book and share the importance of understanding employees’ needs to create a solid foundation of culture in the workplace.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How companies can move from good to great as a team
  • How leaders can elevate their culture environment 
  • Why culture and values are the biggest reasons why employees jump ship to different corporations 
  • How to understand the needs of employees and adapting accordingly 
  • Everyday actions make or break workplace culture 
  • How to create a sense of belonging 
  • How can companies bring the five generations of workers in the workplace together?
  • How to utilize the strengths of younger individuals in other departments 
  • How to measure culture in terms of ROI (or ROR!)

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