May 10, 2023 in Articles, Podcast

AssetHour Episode 17: Freedom For 30

Show Notes:

Short description:

In this episode, Brent Silkey shares of his organization 30 for Freedom. He shares of his background of being a pastor and how he raises awareness on sex trafficking.

Rev. Brent D. Silkey is the Director of Saint Paul Chi Alpha giving college students the opportunity to find Jesus and follow Him for a lifetime. He also serves as the founder of the 30 for Freedom movement which exists to end sex trafficking in our lifetime. Brent is an ordained minister and has been serving the next generation for the last eighteen years in both youth and college ministry. Brent’s greatest joy is being a husband and father.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How being a youth pastor has shaped his influence on others 
  • How running has changed his life to raise funds to make a difference in people’s lives
  • The statistics of human trafficking and how this is not only a global issue but a local issue
  • How can one help?
  • How to stay safe against online trafficking

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