February 9, 2023 in Articles, Podcast

AssetHour Episode 11: Brick-and-Mortar vs. Remote Outsourcing

Show Notes:

Short description:

In this episode, Marc Miller joins AssetHour Host Chris Kelly to compare and contrast brick-and-mortar versus remote outsourcing. 

As Co-Owner and Co-Founder at Imagine IT, Marc loves helping business leaders invest in their technology … meaning that they actively follow metrics that show the money/time spent on their technology is tied into achieving the business strategy and attaining the business financials.

Business leaders have “thrown money” at technology solutions for too long without having a means of accountability that positions the spend as a true investment. Technology solutions that are properly deployed are changing the world, but many tech solutions fall dreadfully short of their promises.

If you would like to learn more about how Marc can help your business succeed and expand the circle of happ(i)ness into your world, reach out to him. He would love to chat!

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why are companies still utilizing the brick-and-mortar approach, what are the downsides to this? 
  • When would a company use an outsource model? 
  • How outsourcing from ImagineIT has helped AssetHR
  • Specialized safety features ImagineIT can provide for your company
  • The advantages of larger enterprise models protecting your company
  • Juggling cyber security issues
  • Investing money to ensure safety during cloud base breaches 
  • How does a company prevent breaches?
  • Cyber resilience, are you prepared?
  • Implementing employee user security training 
  • Importance of Sophos training programs 
  • Embracing cyber training and being a part of the solution 

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