January 13, 2023 in Articles, Podcast

AssetHour Episode 10: Building Client and Employee Loyalty

Show Notes:

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In this episode, Cortney Galster joins AssetHour Host Chris Kelly to discuss the importance of building client and employee loyalty; how to keep it, grow it, and nourish it! 

With a unique background in marketing, PR, real estate, and legislative work, Cortney Galster is a digital entrepreneur, as well as the Founder and President of amplify marketing.  Passionate about leveraging digital tools to spark real-world engagement and relationships, she’s worked with companies and professionals across the country to create real growth with actionable marketing strategies and implementation plans.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How to stay competitive in order to keep your existing clients 
  • Implementing employee recognition on social media platforms 
  • What separates your company against others to keep employees and clients working within your business
  • Why some employees regret leaving their prior employers
  • Importance of return on relationships 
  • Finding balance between in person and remote working, understanding employees efficiency strengths 
  • Motivating employees to come into the workplace 
  • How to avoid falling into patterns, erase micromanaging 
  • Recognizing where someone is at in their life, not everyone is in the same journey 
  • Customizing a path for what someone needs to thrive 
  • What can you do to go the extra mile for your employees and clients 

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