October 19, 2022 in Articles, Podcast

AssetHour Episode 8: Improving Operational Efficiencies

Show Notes:

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In this episode, we discuss how to improve operational efficiencies while maintaining culture and promoting growth within a business organization.

As a CEO, public speaker, author, podcast host, and thought leader… through every one of those roles, Jaime Taets is focused on helping individuals and companies get past whatever is holding them back from achieving what they are capable of.

Keystone Group International focuses on leadership development, organizational strategy, growth, and change. Jaime’s belief that strong leadership and a change-resilient culture are the foundation for sustainable growth drives her work with clients. Harnessing her own leadership experiences, she inspires real and sometimes challenging discussions about the crossroads between high-performance and healthy change.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Promoting growth that is healthy and sustainable 
  • Having an open mind in order to eliminate business deficiencies 
  • No decision is a decision 
  • You need to mentally be ready in order to promote change 
  • Don’t be afraid to be truthful when speaking about improvements within an organization 
  • Analyze ones business ceiling to predict when a company will outgrow their own system
  • A leader needs somone who can challenge their ideas
  • It is important to build loyalty and trust within your partners so your clients will be satisfied 

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