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Surrounding Families with Comfort and Care–How the Ronald McDonald Family Room Supports Families with Hospitalized Children

ImagineIT 2051 Killebrew Drive #510, Bloomington

In today’s tight employment market, building strong relationships with your employees is a key to success in your recruiting and retention efforts. This starts with understanding what’s important to your employees. More than ever before, your staff wants to feel connected to a greater purpose both within and outside the walls of their workplace. A […]

Adaptive Conversations—Connecting to Multiple Intelligences

ImagineIT 2051 Killebrew Drive #510, Bloomington

Conversations are a core element of human interaction. Adaptive Conversations are a way of speaking that adapts the conversation to accommodate verbal and non-verbal feedback. Adaptive Conversation: Asks more thought-provoking questions Uses active listening where speakers are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others Develops greater abilities to sense, interpret, and respond to the […]

SOLD OUT The Neuroscience of Selling with Dr. Terry Wu of Neuromarketing Services

ImagineIT 2051 Killebrew Drive #510, Bloomington

  Over the last one hundred years, thousands of books on sales have been written and hundreds of sales training programs have been created.  Most of them focus on how to sell, instead of why customers buy. Every purchase involves many decisions by a customer. Which brand should I buy?  Do I trust this company […]