Harvesting Elegance for a Cure

Please join our family in the fight against brain cancer!

As you may know, Gwen Kelly was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago at the age of 19. She has absolutely defied the odds – not just completing college, but graduating a month early. Not just staying healthy, but joining a Power Lifting gym and winning her first competition. Not just continuing to work through her treatment, but throwing herself into marketing and developing incredible new content for our family business. And now, we are excited to host an incredible event this coming October, Harvesting Elegance for a Cure. At this event, we’ll be raising money that goes directly towards brain cancer research. The pursuit of treatments for brain cancer offers scarce options, mostly outdated medications approved in the 1970s. Despite brain tumors being relatively common, research for them remains underfunded. Compared to other cancers, brain cancer research receives significantly less financial support due to its complexity, variability, and lower profile owing to lower survival rates. Our objective is to change this narrative. In partnership with the Brain Cancer Research Alliance, we aim to boost awareness and funding for novel therapies. With your support, we strive to offer hope to the nearly one million individuals grappling with brain tumors. Learn more and register to support our event below!

Gwen's Story with Children's Hospitals

Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota published an article on Gwen’s journey. Read it here!

How to Get Involved

1. Sponsor the Event

We’re thrilled to extend an invitation for you to partner with us in sponsoring this exceptional event directly benefitting brain cancer research. We offer three distinct tiers of support opportunities, each designed to accommodate various levels of involvement and commitment. Your partnership will not only help us bring this event to life, but it will also provide an excellent platform to showcase your brand and commitment to community initiatives. We look forward to exploring this collaborative opportunity with you further!

2. Buy a Table

If you’re interested in attending the event with a group of family, friends, or colleagues, we offer the option to purchase a table for 10 in advance of regular ticket sales. This ensures that you and your group will have space reserved to sit together to enjoy this memorable event. Please use the form to the right for further details about this exclusive offering.

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