If only payroll processing was as simple as doing chores as a kid — you take out the trash and then you get a couple bucks on Friday. Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s a whole lot more complicated — unless you partner with us.

As a family business we understand that payroll isn’t just a financial matter, it’s a family matter. Every week when the checks go out and deposits are made, you’re supplying the hardworking men and women of your work family with the financial means they need to live happy and healthy lives.
When it comes to the security and functionality of your company, payroll processing should also provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your deductions are accurate, your deposits are up to date and you’re in compliance with the latest regulations. That’s why at AssetHR we feel that only a bulletproof payroll processing system is good enough for our clients.
– Asset HR & iSolved: The Key to Efficient, Time-Saving Payroll Processes
At AssetHR we have the technology and expertise to ensure your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately and easily, whether your business has 2 or 2,000 employees. Powered by iSolved, we offer a fully integrated payroll service proven to reduce the burden placed on decision makers, business owners and HR managers.
Our payroll solutions are supported with personalized, expert service you can count on along with self-service features for managers and employees that keep it simple. We pledge to always place client relationships above profit and to only take on new clients when we have the capacity to do so without sacrificing our extraordinary customer service. You’ll always feel like the favorite member of our family.

Payroll Access Anytime, Anywhere
Experience the unmatched flexibility of having full access to payroll reporting on-the-go with iSolved’s secure cloud-based platform.

Tax Management
Backed by iSolved, AssetHR’s team of tax experts can calculate, file and deposit all your payroll taxes for you, providing peace of mind that your tax concerns were handled efficiently and accurately.

Direct Deposit
Safer and cheaper than paper checks, a paperless payday provides employees with instant access to their wages, eliminates potential for lost or stolen checks and provides online access to pay stubs 24/7.

Benefits Integration & Processing
With iSolved, employee benefit plans are seamlessly integrated into payroll processing. Scheduling deductions and making changes to an existing plan is fast and easy.


Designed with today’s employer in mind, iSolved provides payroll, human resources, time tracking and benefits… all neatly packaged in one cloud based platform.


A web-based payroll system providing complete payroll services from start to finish. It’s the perfect solution companies in need of a web-based payroll system.




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Our pledge is to always put client relationships above profits — only acquiring new clients when we have the capacity to do so without sacrificing the extraordinary customer service and the personal touch you deserve.