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When you make the decision to partner with AssetHR for your human capital management needs, you’re treated like a member of our family, and you’re protected like it. We’ve got some of the states’ top legal experts on speed dial for legal services pertaining to your business, contracts, employees, buy/sells… you name it. We established a great partnership with one of the nation’s leading business legal firms. Then we went and did something unheard of – we negotiated rates.

Crazy but true. You see, we found that many of our clients don’t have a “go-to” legal counsel due to the high rates most attorneys charge. So, we negotiated a price to provide a variety of legal help at discounted rates. It’s just one more way that AssetHR helps you get more for your money.

 Our On-Demand Legal Services are Available to Assist You With:

  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Representation
  • Writing Employment Contracts
  • Reviewing Contracts and Legal Documents
  • And More



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Our pledge is to always put client relationships above profits — only acquiring new clients when we have the capacity to do so without sacrificing the extraordinary customer service and the personal touch you deserve.