Human Capital Management

Like any family, the more people you have under one roof, the more things start to get complicated. As companies begin to grow, concerns regarding compliance, tracking and reporting begin to arise. This is where business managers and HR leaders could use a helping hand.

– This is where we deploy iSolved.

This comprehensive, state-of-the-art human capital management solution combines your payroll and human resources data, providing you with a fully integrated tool for managing your family of employees — no matter how much it expands. iSolved eliminates the need for mountains of paperwork, lowers costs and simplifies your human capital management processes.

– Simply put, iSolved is the human resources easy button.

iSolved’s cutting-edge, cloud-based technology seamlessly manages everything from new hire paperwork to payroll processing and beyond. This single source platform gives decision makers and HR leads the ability to access and control all human capital management operations from anywhere at any time — all in a completely secure environment. Want all of your HR data at your fingertips? Consider iSolved.

Single-Source Reporting
Payroll, HR, benefits information, time reporting, attendance reporting and more — it’s all found in one easy-to-use platform.

Streamlined Recruiting
With the power of iSolved, the hiring process is simplified from start to finish — saving you time and money.

Payroll Processing
Backed by AssetHR’s team of human capital management experts, iSolved’s cutting-edge technology provides dramatic savings.

Tax Management
Putting relationships first is what AssetHR is all about, and nothing says “You’re important to me” like someone who wants to take the thankless job of tax filing off your plate.

Attendance & Time Management
Time clocks, punch cards, Excel spread sheets… if this is how you’re still managing time and attendance records, chances are there are some unseen errors affecting your business.

ACA Compliance
Reports indicate that approximately 90% of employers are not properly prepared to meet the complex reporting requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).




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