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The situation: One Vision provides services for people with disabilities and their families, supporting them through a dedicated Children’s Autism Center, behavioral therapy, in-home support and services, 24/7 clinical care, and employment opportunities. The non-profit oversees employees across 36 company sites and they were looking to onboard a new HCM to keep up with their expanding operations.

Before working with AssetHR, the organization had few digital options for employees to self-serve and much of their HR work was done on paper. One Vision wanted their payroll, an electronic HRIS, time and attendance, an LMS housed in one location versus four separate systems.

Our work: AssetHR helped transition One Vision from paper and pen to electronic open enrollment. While it wasn’t easy to achieve employee buy-in at first, once they got into the system, the staff remarked how easy it was to fill out forms. With one click, the organization could pull reports and send reminders to complete benefits enrollment.

Instead of navigating a disjointed scheduling system, One Vision could view and manage who was scheduled and what open shifts were available across their 36 locations through one interface.

The implementation of our enterprise level human capital management platform, iSolved, gave One Vision the ability to move from reactive HR to strategic HR.

The results: In two short months, One Vision went from no employee portal to the implementation of our cloud-based systems for payroll, benefits administration and open enrollment with phased launches of time and attendance, learning management and other self-serve options for employees.

“This is just the beginning for One Vision and AssetHR,” said Cindy LeFebre-Westendorf, Chief Human Resources Officer at One Vision, “The next piece is Share & Perform to bring in the employee engagement and performance-review elements. To have something housed in one location and for it to be an interactive tool not only for employees but also supervisors, we are incredibly excited.”

4 Ways To Help Your Employees Plan For and Achieve Their Goals

As an HR representative, you’re responsible for nurturing a culture of support for your staff. You can increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by taking an active role in helping employees reach company and career goals. When employees don’t feel supported in their goals they become disengaged and, even worse, will look for better opportunities. Below are four tried and true methods for helping employees set and achieve goals.

Reinforce your company’s mission

Keep employees honed in on their goals throughout the year by reinforcing your company’s mission. How does that employee’s goal contribute to the success of the organization? How will everyone in the company benefit when the employee achieves their goal? Strong leaders emphasize to their team why their goals make an impact on the company as a whole. While specific goals are great, it’s important not to lose sight of the big picture.

Communicate with your team

Communication is a key element of setting and knocking goals out of the park. Communication is a two-way street between you and the employee. Implement an open-door policy that encourages a consistent flow of communication between you and staff. This way you can listen to their ideas, opinions and feedback. Conduct routine check-ins and allow your team the opportunity to come and talk to you. Be open and approachable in your tone and body language. This will tell your employees they have a genuine stake in the business which will motivate them to achieve better results.

Foster a healthy work environment

Employees are more likely to feel motivated and engaged in a positive work environment. This concept carries over when working remotely. One of the perks of remote work is flexibility and control over work hours. But as an HR representative, you need to outline what “work hours” means. You also need to ensure your staff doesn’t conflate flexibility with absence. If a team member is sick, they still need to notify their supervisor, like they would in an office setting. On the flip side, working remotely can stir up feelings of loneliness or isolation for your team members. Schedule regular check-ins with your staff and lookout for signs of employee burnout. Consider offering an EAP to all employees who need extra support.

Inside the office, take stock of your surroundings. Is this an enjoyable space to work in? Is this an office where your employees want to spend their time? Encourage healthy habits by replacing the donuts in the break room for healthy snacks and access to exercise like a gym membership or a weekly team exercise class. By promoting healthy habits and inviting space, you can help your staff maintain their energy levels and reduce stress. Office perks and upgrades show your team they’re appreciated and inspire them to do their best work.

Offer opportunities for advancement

Employees feel like an asset when they’re learning and honing their skills. Provide employees opportunities for growth and development. These opportunities should be tailored specifically to suit the individual employee like additional training, acquiring new certifications, or even investing your own time mentoring someone. Focus on teaching your team transferable skills they can carry over to different positions and encourage them to set learning goals. Most importantly, make it easy for employees to discover and enroll in these professional development opportunities.

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iSolved Rebranding and New UI Launch

We’re excited to announce that our enterprise-level people management system partner, iSolved, has rebranded and is launching a new user interface on February 5, 2021. As part of this rebrand, the new look and feel introduced with Employee Self-Service is being incorporated throughout the iSolved People Cloud platform. The first set of updates have been made to HR, Payroll and Time. The new color scheme and navigation elements provide a more engaging and user-friendly interface to make it easier for you and your employees to complete necessary tasks. 

With this new UI, employees no longer need a separate app to access isolved. They can use the browser on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – and the site will adapt to fit the device used.

Benefit enrollment and employee onboarding is scheduled to be added later in the year through this version of our interface. The standard web interface will remain in place for users that need to do benefit enrollment or onboarding.

Below is a sample of the updates you can expect to see:

Desktop Login:

Admin Calendar:

Benefit Enrollment Setup:

Employee List:

Payroll Run Schedule:

Time Entry Grid:

Time Card:

Time Off Balances:

Employee Landing Page:

Employee Calendar

Employee Benefit Enrollment:

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Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Are On The Rise – How Asset HR Can Help Your Employees Protect Themselves

Imagine submitting an application for unemployment benefits, but you are promptly denied because you are already receiving them. Alternatively, you receive a notification from your state’s unemployment department notifying you that you have applied for benefits when you are still gainfully employed. It sounds like a horrifying fever dream, only it is happening to thousands of Americans across the country as international crime rings exploit an outdated and increasingly overwhelmed system. Unemployment departments across the country are contending with millions of applications to review, overworked government officials, old computer systems, and efforts to get out-of-work Americans the aid they need on time.

Fraud claims are so severe in Washington that state officials have temporarily suspended their unemployment program after unveiling $1.6 million in fraud. A Secret Service memo suggested that Washington was a particular target because of its generous benefits. Security journalist Brian Krebs reported that bank investigators believe a well-organized Nigerian fraud ring are the culprits. Regardless, other states are being targeted including Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and even Minnesota.

According to Minnesota’s unemployment department, over 5,000 fraudulent unemployment claims were filed in June alone. A spokesman for Minnesota DEED said, “We’ve seen an uptick in activity as bad actors try to take advantage of expanded benefits available under the CARES Act.” The state unemployment department claims they have caught 95% of fraudulent attempts – even before people reported it.

Fraudsters arm themselves with a wealth of personal information that enables them to navigate benefits systems and evade detection. On the flip side, victims of unemployment theft are now facing a red tape nightmare. With state offices lagging behind processing applications, victims are encountering difficulties getting in touch with their agency to request an investigation into an ID theft incident.

There is not a clear path for Americans to combat unemployment ID theft, or to recover from it. Filing for unemployment benefits doesn’t trigger a credit check, meaning requesting a credit freeze will not stop it and credit monitoring won’t alert victims. In addition, there is no way for victims to check if their personal information was used to apply for government benefits or credentials. Instead, victims must go through the painstaking and time-consuming task of contacting each agency to work through the issue.

Recovering from identity theft like this can cause financial setbacks for your employees that take years to resolve. As a complimentary service to you, our team at AssetHR offers a free seminar with a cyber crime expert to highlight the 6 things most people can do to protect themselves from identity theft. We also cover what to do if your identity is stolen.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can bring this free seminar to your employees as a lunch and learn or a digital event, please connect with Chris Kelly directly:

AssetHR Welcomes David Rott as Chief Financial Officer!

Rott brings 25 years of financial management experience to lead AssetHR into new phase of growth

AssetHR welcomes David Rott as its new Chief Financial Officer. Rott is joining AssetHR with over two decades of financial management experience in the education, service, employment and distribution industries. 

“I love family-owned businesses, since their level of care strives to be at the highest level,” share Rott. “As a former client, I know AssetHR lives it.”

Rott will be responsible for developing management teams, optimizing operational performance, and overseeing the company’s financial planning and record-keeping. Rott is highly skilled in managing the efforts and activities of people, capital, financial, and service resources with a proven track record for reducing costs, improving productivity, and enhancing operating efficiencies.

More information about David Rott is available at the company’s About Us page at

AssetHR is a human capital management company. For more information, contact Chris Kelly at 952-746-9508.