Fast Track, Fast Results, Fast Service

The situation: One Vision provides services for people with disabilities and their families, supporting them through a dedicated Children’s Autism Center, behavioral therapy, in-home support and services, 24/7 clinical care, and employment opportunities. The non-profit oversees employees across 36 company sites and they were looking to onboard a new HCM to keep up with their expanding operations.

Before working with AssetHR, the organization had few digital options for employees to self-serve and much of their HR work was done on paper. One Vision wanted their payroll, an electronic HRIS, time and attendance, an LMS housed in one location versus four separate systems.

Our work: AssetHR helped transition One Vision from paper and pen to electronic open enrollment. While it wasn’t easy to achieve employee buy-in at first, once they got into the system, the staff remarked how easy it was to fill out forms. With one click, the organization could pull reports and send reminders to complete benefits enrollment.

Instead of navigating a disjointed scheduling system, One Vision could view and manage who was scheduled and what open shifts were available across their 36 locations through one interface.

The implementation of our enterprise level human capital management platform, iSolved, gave One Vision the ability to move from reactive HR to strategic HR.

The results: In two short months, One Vision went from no employee portal to the implementation of our cloud-based systems for payroll, benefits administration and open enrollment with phased launches of time and attendance, learning management and other self-serve options for employees.

“This is just the beginning for One Vision and AssetHR,” said Cindy LeFebre-Westendorf, Chief Human Resources Officer at One Vision, “The next piece is Share & Perform to bring in the employee engagement and performance-review elements. To have something housed in one location and for it to be an interactive tool not only for employees but also supervisors, we are incredibly excited.”