Creating Employee Connection: How to Build a Strong Team Environment in Banking and Finance

Very few things are accomplished in banking and finance without a team effort. Every task involves the coordination of many different individuals or even large teams. That requires an intense level of teamwork and bonding that cannot exist if your employees are disconnected from one another.

In some teams, these connections happen naturally. Some people naturally click in the workplace, which is reflected in the quality of their work and their productivity. However, that isn’t usually the case. For most teams, employee connection is the result of a dedicated effort. You can use the following strategies to make that happen.

Hold Regular In-Person Events

There really is nothing quite like face-to-face socialization to get team members to connect with one another. Some examples of this include:

  • Happy hours
  • Mini golf or bowling outings
  • Hiking or other outdoor activities
  • Group outings to live sporting events
  • Escape rooms
  • League softball
  • Visits to the local zoo or other attractions

The key to success with in-person events is to make everybody feel welcome. Solicit ideas from all team members; avoid allowing one person or group to dominate the decision-making process. You want to ensure that there are events throughout the year that everybody can attend.

Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Businesses within the banking and finance sector rely on public trust for their success. It’s important to have an excellent reputation and be viewed by the public as members of the community.

Just check the sponsorship lists for charity golf tournaments, youth sports, community fairs, and other events. You’ll almost always see at least one bank or finance company.

It’s also very common to see banking employees working together to volunteer in the community. Volunteering fosters an important sense of trust and community. It also gives your team members an activity they can feel proud of while bonding with one another.

Tap into this resource by offering workers opportunities to team up in the name of community service throughout the year. There are undoubtedly countless opportunities to participate in charity events, offer help to local animal shelters, engage in park cleanup efforts, and so on.

Connect Online

In-person events are great. Unfortunately, they may not be possible with distributed teams. And some workers simply may not feel comfortable connecting this way. That doesn’t mean that creating employee connections isn’t possible. You can incorporate online gatherings instead of or in addition to in-person get-togethers.

Your team members can meet up online to:

  • Watch movies and television shows together
  • Play trivia or online board games
  • Form teams to hold video game tournaments
  • Hold virtual happy hours

Poll your team members to find common areas of interest to get the most online participation in the events you plan.

Create a Culture of Appreciation

Creating a culture of appreciation is absolutely a top-down effort. Teams that feel acknowledged and appreciated by company leadership will be more supportive of one another.

When management establishes positive feedback as the norm, workers don’t feel competitive with one another. Instead, they are more likely to appreciate what their teammates contribute in the workplace.

Encourage Monthly Team Recognition

Try a slightly new twist on monthly employee recognition programs. Instead of relying on managers to decide who deserves these awards, give that task to each team. They can select one or more team members each month to nominate for special recognition.

Monthly award winners will know they were specifically selected by their coworkers. When you present them with their token of recognition, make sure to let them know why their peers see so much value in what they do.

AssetHR Can Help Your Company with Meaningful Teambuilding Solutions

Good leaders provide their teams with plenty of opportunities to connect with one another. That’s just one part of effective team building, though.

You must also create a company culture that emphasizes cooperation, collaboration, and connection. Then, you must develop an environment that encourages your team members to trust and support one another. These suggestions are designed to help with that.

If you need additional assistance with creating employee connections or any other aspect of HR management, contact AssetHR. We provide a suite of resources and consulting services to help you make the most of your human capital.