isolved (+ Asset HR) is the perfect HCM solution – but don’t just take our word for it

It’s no secret that at Asset HR, we’re big fans of the isolved platform as the go-to enterprise HR backend for our clients – we were, after all, just named the 2021 isolved Advocate of the Year. But we want you to know that it’s not just our team and clients that love the isolved system, it’s also one of the top ranked human capital management systems on the market to support your business.

In a recent case study, 3Sixty Insights took a closer look at the dynamic human capital management system known as isolved. At the conclusion of the study, the researchers at 3Sixty offered extremely high praise for the innovative HCM platform.

The isolved platform is a true game-changer. It can revolutionize the way that organizations manage and interact with their most important asset: human capital. When leveraged to its full potential, the isolved HCM can improve morale and culture across an entire organization.

Read on to find out what the experts at 3Sixty Insights learned during their independent study – and why we’re such big fans of implementing this system within your business.

What Is isolved HCM?

Before we dive into the specifics of the study, it is important to discuss what the isolved HCM actually is. Simply put, the isolved human capital management (HCM) platform is a cloud-based software designed to change the culture of human resources departments.

The isolved platform allows organizations to seamlessly manage everything from new hire paperwork to payroll direct deposit and more.

Unlike other solutions that rely on the integration of multiple applications, isolved is a true single-source platform. As a result, HR leads and top decision-makers have total control of all human capital management. All of these capabilities are incorporated into a completely secure digital environment.

So Why All the Hype?

During the 3Sixty Insights case study, researchers spoke with isolved’s Director of Brand and Content, Amberly Dressler. They also interacted with the isolved VP of Marketing, Lina Tonk, to find out how the company navigated the challenges of the pandemic while simultaneously completing a rebrand.

3Sixty Insights found that isolved not only survived the hurdles of 2020 but actually found a way to thrive in the midst of a global pandemic.

According to 3Sixty Insights, isolved was able to “launch its new brand and to grow significantly, both internally and externally.”

In order to facilitate a successful rebrand and grow their organization, isolved leveraged a multifaceted approach. The HCM provider unveiled its new flagship product, which was dubbed the “isolved People Cloud.” They then used a masterfully designed account-based marketing (ABM) approach to get the word out about the People Cloud solution.

A Warm Reception

The new isolved solution was well-received amongst their existing customers and new clients. When asked about the success of isolved’s rebrand and ABM marketing efforts, Dressler had this to say: “The number of conversions we’ve had from content assets, quarter over quarter, is up 660 percent and the number of new users to our site is up by triple digits.”

During their interactions with 3Sixty Insights, Dressler and Tonk made it clear that isolved has no plans to take their foot off of the accelerator anytime soon. They have continued to grow both their sales and marketing teams since the rollout of their rebrand. According to the case study, the marketing team alone has grown by 55 percent.

Capabilities of isolved

The isolved platform is by far the most dynamic and comprehensive human capital management solution on the market today. It offers a full suite of tools that puts HR data at the fingertips of leaders.

These capabilities include:

Single-Source Reporting

The isolved HCM supports everything, including payroll, HR, benefits information, attendance, and time-based reporting data. All of these reports can be accessed from the single-source platform and user-friendly interface.

Payroll Processing

When paired with AssetHR’s white-glove support services, the payroll processing capabilities of isolved HCM are unparalleled. Our experts can help your organization deploy the platform to its full potential, which can lead to dramatic savings.

Attendance and Time Management

As an organization grows, it can become exceedingly difficult to accurately track attendance. The isolved platform eliminates common errors associated with traditional time management tools. It automates redundant processes so that HR professionals can spend more time on dynamic tasks.

Streamlined Recruiting

The isolved digital HCM simplifies the entire hiring process from start to finish. The result is that your organization can save time and money.

Tax Management

isolved’s HCM will make your life a whole lot easier come tax time, as well. By keeping accurate and well-organized records, you can quickly and efficiently file your taxes at the end of the fiscal year. AssetHR can make things even easier with our expert tax filing solutions.

ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act introduced stringent reporting requirements for employers to comply with. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines and other penalties. The isolved HCM assists organizations in maintaining ACA compliance through its detailed reporting solutions.

AssetHR and isolved: The Perfect Pairing

As you can see, the isolved back-end human capital management system is a truly dynamic solution for all of your HR-related needs. However, every great digital product needs to be supplemented with a world-class support team. That is why Asset HR is the perfect pairing for the isolved HCM platform.

When you partner with AssetHR, our team of experts will deploy the isolved HCM in the most effective way so that you can streamline your organization’s entire HR experience. We will ensure that you get the most out of this cutting-edge technology. Our professionals can even help you to handle all of your other HR needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Workplace Safety Programs/OSHA Compliance

Safety is important. It’s so important that your workplace safety programs should be handled by outsourced professionals and not internal staff members.

After all, many companies already outsource such core functions as human resources and accounting. This article will explain how outsourcing workplace safety can improve your efficiency while ensuring OSHA compliance.

You Lack the Staff

If you already have a workplace safety program in place, who’s running it? There’s a good chance that your existing staff doesn’t have the bandwidth to keep up with your company’s day-to-day operations and maintain a workplace safety program.

While some companies have the financial resources to hire a full-time safety consultant, many smaller companies don’t find this feasible. Outsourcing your safety program can keep your employees focused on their jobs, not running a safety program.

You Need Specialized Assistance

Even if you have the staff to devote to a workplace safety program, it’s unlikely they will possess an expert’s specialized qualifications and the broad skillset of an outsourced firm.

An outside safety expert will have technical training in the field and can bring experience gained from working with other similar companies to implement a solution that ensures OSHA compliance while improving the efficiency of your operations.

Keep in mind that OSHA regulations are subject to change. Hiring an outside consultant is the best way to ensure that you and your staff receive expert input that remains up-to-date on all OSHA regulations while shifting lability onto an outside party. This shift can minimize violations as well as keep your workspace and employees protected.

You Need to Meet Temporary Obligations

While workplace safety is an ongoing concern, there may be times when you need additional consultation. For example, when working on a particular contract or project, you and your staff may require specialized training and input to ensure OSHA compliance.

Outsourcing these needs to an independent firm allows you to obtain input for the duration of this contract and eliminates the need for a long-term hiring solution.

This model also ensures worker safety on specialized projects. If you find yourself handling unfamiliar tasks or materials, having an outside consultant provide guidance can protect your employees against injuring themselves on the job.

You Value Objectivity

Company politics or departmental conflicts don’t constrain outside safety consultants. What you’ll get is honest, candid advice.

Since this consultant will have experience working with other companies in your industry, the consultant can share how other companies are improving their performance, which can help you maintain a competitive edge.

Some employees may be tempted to dismiss the safety concerns of their fellow workers but be more willing to adhere to the advice of an external authority. Outsourcing your workplace safety programs can increase compliance among your staff members, ensuring a safer workplace for everyone.

You Need to Provide Training

Workplace safety often overlaps with your day-to-day activities. An external consultant may be able to provide safety protocols for your workers that include basic training in such areas as:

● Forklift operation
● Material safety
● First-aid/CPR training
● Use of personal protective equipment

Additionally, the safety protocols devised by these outside agencies can include written logs and other records that your company can use to ensure compliance and accountability by all staff members. These records will also protect the company if there are any safety incidents in the future.

You Plan to Grow

Growing companies can benefit from outsourcing a variety of programs. Outsourcing your administrative and safety process can ensure that your workers remain committed to revenue-generating processes as you hire external consultants for ancillary needs.

This modality also means that as your business grows, an independent safety consultant can provide your team with input on your company’s evolving needs.

With growth comes new opportunities, and these opportunities may need the advice of an industry expert to stay up-to-date with OSHA regulations and best practices for workplace safety.

Focus on the Future, and We’ll Keep You Up-to-Date

Asset HR has over 20 years of experience providing health and safety training to help your company reduce injuries and increase compliance.

We can help you implement and maintain safety programs to keep you and your employees working safely and efficiently long into your company’s future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best position you for safe, explosive growth.

The Great Resignation: Tips to Retain Top Talent in a Shifting Job Market

The world has seen its fair share of upheaval and rapid change over the last 18 months as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the planet and drastically altered our everyday lives.

Things seem to have stabilized somewhat in recent months, with hundreds of millions of Americans getting vaccinated for the virus and many restrictions finally being lifted, but we’ve only just begun to see the damage this pandemic has caused.

One of the most significant societal shifts that has occurred as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic is what is being called “The Great Resignation.” Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs behind in search of better pay, less stress, and a greater work-life balance.

It seems that the opportunity to step outside of their regular routines during pandemic lockdowns has allowed many people to recalibrate their minds and reconsider their situations. The result has been an unprecedented exodus of workers from their former jobs, leaving companies scrambling to retain top talent and straighten the ship.

As a leader of your organization, you’re likely already trying to grapple with this unique employment crisis. To understand how to navigate this difficult time, you will need to know why so many people are choosing to leave their jobs behind and what you can do to prevent it from occurring within your organization.

To help you do that, we’ve compiled a collection of useful tips so that you can retain top talent in this quickly shifting job market.

Don’t Rush Back

Once your organization is ready to return to the office, you should keep in mind that it may be a bit of a shock to your workforce if you revert too quickly, which may cause them to seek employment elsewhere.

Instead, employ a phased approach by starting with a hybrid schedule that can get employees used to the idea of working outside of the home. You may even want to consider a permanent hybrid schedule like several other companies are now using.

Maintain a Line of Communication

If you want to know what you can do to keep your best employees on the payroll, you can start by asking them.

Allowing your top talent to voice concerns, express their needs and desires, and give you honest feedback is perhaps the best way to gauge their level of engagement so that you can make any necessary adjustments to keep them with your organization for the long haul.

Prioritize Health and Well-Being

With a deadly pandemic still ongoing, your workforce has plenty of reason to be concerned about their health when entering the workplace every day. They’ve also got plenty of reasons to be struggling with their mental health after the events of the last 18 months.

Making them feel safe with thorough health protocols and plenty of mental health resources should be an absolute priority for your organization.

If you fail to do either of these things, it may not be very long until your top talent becomes part of the great resignation and seeks out an employer who meets their health and wellbeing needs.

Remain Flexible

COVID-19 lockdowns have shown many organizations that their operations are a lot more flexible than they may have previously believed.

We’ve now learned that remote work can be easy and effective, work hours don’t necessarily need to be set in stone, and there are more paths to sustained success than the handful that businesses have traditionally followed.

This level of organizational flexibility has also shown employees that there are alternative ways to work that may very well be better for them in the long run.

To retain top talent, you may need to maintain that same flexibility outside of the pandemic, allowing for remote work, giving employees a range of work hours to choose from, and breaking the rules every now again to show them that work-life balance is important to your organization.

Also, remember that people are more likely to quit managers than jobs, so make sure that staff at every level is on board with your new organizational culture.

Get in touch with Asset HR to learn more about opportunities you might be missing in attracting and retaining top talent.

Why Outsourcing HR Creates Efficiencies

As a leader of your organization, you’re always looking for ways to help your company run more effectively and efficiently. A well-run HR department can be vital in helping you attain that goal, but there are many obstacles within HR that may very well be holding you back.

From recruiting and onboarding to administering benefits and the endless amounts of paperwork that can slow your entire organization down, it’s not always easy to ensure that HR is as streamlined as it can be.

One way that successful organizations today are ensuring the efficiency of their human resources department is through outsourcing.

Outsourcing HR can relieve your in-house HR employees of the mountain of paperwork so that they can focus on the most important aspect of their role: fostering human connections throughout your organization.

To help you get a better idea of the ways that outsourcing HR can make your company as efficient as possible, we’ve detailed some of the biggest advantages it has to offer.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Recruiting new talent often involves meeting candidates and getting a feel for their fit with your organization, but there’s plenty of tasks that can slow the process down significantly.

Outsourcing HR can take the burden of creating job descriptions and listing them in the most visible spaces in order to find the largest number of viable candidates. That way, your in-house team can focus on the person-to-person aspects of the job.

Administering Benefits

Because the laws surrounding employee benefits are constantly changing, the task of administering them carries a high potential for error. These errors can be costly ones! Any organization looking to maximize efficiency (and profits) would do well to avoid them at all costs.

Outsourcing HR can help you to stay on top of the constantly changing laws in order to ensure compliance while providing your employees with the sort of enticing benefits packages that will inspire them to stay with you for the long haul.

Ensuring Compliance

Employment regulations are constantly changing at both the state and federal level. Responsibility to adhere to these rules falls on your HR team.

Outsourcing HR means that you can leave risk management in the hands of experts so that you can put all of your focus on achieving your organizational goals.

Increasing Productivity

Managers often wear many hats — perhaps even too many. Sometimes, managers are tasked with jobs that should be relegated to an HR department.

From fielding various questions to managing time off and more, management can easily get trying to juggle too many responsibilities.

With those burdens removed, your team will have more time and headspace to focus on the things that they were hired to do. This will increase their productivity, and by extension, the organization’s productivity, all while creating a more satisfied, less stressed workforce.

Increased Employee Retention Rates

Speaking of a more satisfied and less stressed workforce, outsourcing HR is a great way to keep your employees happy and to keep them around.

By creating clearer communication, removing unnecessary (and frankly boring) tasks, and working to enhance the overall employee experience, your outsourced HR team is likely to increase your employee retention rates.

Higher retention rates mean that you won’t be left to deal with recruiting and onboarding as often. You’ll have an experienced team that will keep your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Saving Your Organization Money

All that efficiency is bound to save your organization money in the long run, right? Definitely!

Outsourcing HR can help you to cut costs in various areas, including in the recruiting and onboarding process, payroll costs, and taxes. Skilled HR firms can often identify innovative ways to reduce your expenses or adjust your protocols to be more efficient.

When you use an experienced team of HR professionals, you’ll also avoid any of the significant fines that can come from compliance issues.

Sure, outsourcing HR is an expense in and of itself, but in the long run, you’ll save far more money than you’ll spend on a high-quality service.

Interested in Outsourcing HR?

Ready to experience the benefits that outsourcing HR can bring to your organization? Contact Asset HR today to learn more!

What It Takes to Outsource HR (Why You Still Need an Internal Liaison)

For organizations looking to free up time, save money, and streamline their processes, HR outsourcing can be an excellent choice. Putting your HR functions in the hands of a professional organization means your workforce will be able to focus on what’s most important to your company. That way, you can rest easier knowing that all of the risk-management aspects of HR are getting the attention they need.

However, not every aspect of HR is suited to be handled by an outside company. Sometimes face-to-face interactions and intimate knowledge of your team members are critical to the success of your human resources department. In those instances, you will want an internal liaison to take the reins.

Let’s look at when you should outsource HR, how it can help your company thrive, and why you should still maintain an in-house HR liaison.

The Benefits of Choosing to Outsource HR

Here are just a few major reasons you should consider outsourcing your HR functions to a professional human resources organization.

It Will Save Your Business Time

Having an HR department that runs like a well-oiled machine is crucial to the success of any organization. HR requires the effective management of everything from payroll and taxes to compliance and benefits administration—and more.

Performing all of those tasks while also trying to run a successful business can be overwhelming. When you outsource HR functions, you take those responsibilities off your plate and place them in trusted hands, which means you can focus on achieving your company’s goals.

It Will Help You Economize

As your business continues to grow, your HR team will need to grow along with it. At a certain point, the cost of managing all of your HR functions can become significant—especially for a department that does not generate any revenue. Choosing to outsource HR can help to reduce those costs significantly. That includes everything from training costs to payroll costs to the cost of employee acquisition and more.

It Will Ensure Compliance

Risk management is an important issue for all growing businesses. As your business grows, it becomes increasingly more complex. It can be hard to stay on top of the constantly changing regulations that companies must follow. Ensuring that your organization remains compliant with all laws, rules, and regulations—local, state, and federal—can eventually become overwhelming. Outsourcing your HR functions is one of the best ways to ensure that this tremendous task gets the attention it requires.

How an Outsourced HR Department Can Help Your Company Thrive

As your need for a larger and more complex HR department grows, it can be increasingly difficult to focus on your organizational goals. You will have less time to focus on your company’s growth, whether because you spend more time hiring HR professionals, more resources developing your HR team, or more energy putting out fires.

When you outsource HR functions for your business, you can focus solely on what your company needs to thrive and grow.

Why You Still Need an Internal Liaison

Although outsourcing HR can help your company in various ways, it’s still important to maintain an in-house HR liaison to bridge the two organizations. An outside company can be great for managing tasks like payroll, taxes, and benefits, but when it comes to the more interpersonal aspects of HR, you will want someone who knows your staff more intimately.

An in-house HR employee who knows your workforce personally is better suited to accomplish specific HR tasks. That includes any face-to-face interactions and the organizing of social events, team-building exercises, and office initiatives designed to develop culture. In other words, leave the more technical stuff to the HR partner and keep the more personal things in the office.

What to Look for in an Internal Liaison

A great internal HR liaison will be a people person, not a people pleaser. Remember, your HR liaison will have to play diplomat between departments and between employees. For those purposes, they will need a bit of objectivity.

Beyond having strong social skills, they should also have excellent organizational skills, good time management, and remain up to speed with all of the various functions of HR. To some extent, they should know what HR tasks you’re outsourcing.

How to Find the Right HR Partner

Countless organizations offer HR services, but not every one of them will be the perfect one for your business. You need to seek out a partner that is in tune with your specific industry and knows the current compliance issues relevant to your company.

It’s also important to inquire with any potential partners about the specific services they provide, as not all third-party HR partners offer what your organization needs. If you find a partner who checks all of your boxes—and they are within your budget—then you’ve likely found a terrific match.

Looking for the Perfect HR Partner?

Asset HR can help! We offer comprehensive professional HR services with a human touch. Contact us online or call our offices today to learn more.