Building Efficiencies Creates More Effective and Efficient Work Environment

The situation: Our client faced heavy manual work importing information into their accounting systems and other portal platforms, which resulted in the two-person HR staff exhausting their efforts and tasks 7-10 days each month. Their employees did not have one resource to manage and update benefits, thus creating difficulties during the onboarding process.

Our work:  After our client partnered with AssetHR, we provided them with projections of how our services could increase efficiencies and improve the employee’s overall experience. We implemented iSolved, our human capital management solution, to easily oversee benefit tracking, administration tasks, and eligibility requirements; ensuring that the software would not counteract with Great Plains.

The results: In the near future, LeFebre-Westendorf would like to be fully integrated with isolved and AssetHR. Our client is thrilled that the company will eliminate over 500 hours a year in manual application work, allowing for a more effective and efficient work environment. Because of AssetHR, their team now has the ability to focus on growing relationships within the workplace and begin to incorporate more impactful ways within the organization.