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  • Thu

    Is Marketing the New HR?

    8:15 amImagineIT, Bloomington

    Consumer experiences have changed drastically in the last 20 years, but employee experiences have stagnated. Where consumers get personalized, highly targeted messages and experiences built to delight, employees still get mass emails, outdated processes, and less-than-stellar feedback channels. In this talk, marketing and HR expert Rosalynn Verges will share how organizations are borrowing tactics from the world’s most effective marketers and how you can leverage marketing principles to attract top talent. 

    Rosalynn Verges, Fabric Founder & CEO 
    Rosalynn Verges is Founder and CEO of Fabric, a Minneapolis-based business obsessed with company culture and employee experience. Rosalynn’s 10-plus years as a certified  Professional in Human Resources, masters-level training from the University of South Dakota in organizational development, and marketing expertise, have given her valuable insight on what it takes to strategically create great places to work. She has helped Fortune 500  companies, as well as privately held SMB’s, clarify how they communicate their culture in order to attract, retain and engage both clients and employees.