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Breakfast Club On Hold for Your Health

We look forward to seeing you soon! Much of our team – and many of our clients – are choosing to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the time being, all of our planned Breakfast Club professional development and networking events are on hold. We’ll be in touch when our calendar is ready to resume. 

  • Thu
    8:15 amImagineIT, Bloomington

    Over the last one hundred years, thousands of books on sales have been written and hundreds of sales training programs have been created.  Most of them focus on how to sell, instead of why customers buy.

    Every purchase involves many decisions by a customer. Which brand should I buy?  Do I trust this company or salesman?  Is the price fair? Do I need this product now or shall I wait for something better?  Do I need to do more research before buying?

    Sales people often assume that customers make conscious, rational decisions.  However, over the last 2 decades, Neuroscience research has confirmed that about 95% of our decisions, including buying decisions, are made unconsciously. At the same time, medical studies have shown that, without emotion, we simply can’t make decisions. If sales people fail to pay attention to the unconscious, emotional decisions that customers make, it is unlikely their sales pitches will be very persuasive.

    Consumers’ buying decisions are shaped by numerous invisible influences. Dr. Wu will share the latest Neuroscience insights on boosting your sales. He will explain how you can build trust, set prices, ask questions, and leverage social influences to better persuade your customers.




    Get answers to:

    • How to ask the right questions to increase your customers spending?
    • How to use social influence to help your customers decide?
    • How to price to sell?
    • How to build trust with your customers?
    • Why sales people should pay attention to scent and color?


    He will end his talk with a shocker to all Vikings’ fans!  Don’t miss it.

    Dr. Terry Wu received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University.  He has a 30-year career in Neuroscience.  He started his own marketing firm over 16 years ago, giving his clients a strong competitive edge by applying insights from Neuroscience and Psychology.  His combined knowledge and experience in both Neuroscience and marketing led him to the emerging field of Neuromarketing.  His company, Neuromarketing Services is the only firm in the Midwest that specializes in Neuromarketing.

    In May, 2019, Dr. Wu gave a 17-minute TED Talk on Neuromarketing.  His talk ( has been extremely well received by Neuromarketing experts as well as the general public.  His talk has been raising awareness about this new, scientific approach to marketing.

  • Thu
    8:15 amImagineIT, Bloomington

    Conversations are a core element of human interaction. Adaptive Conversations are a way of speaking that adapts the conversation to accommodate verbal and non-verbal feedback. Adaptive Conversation:

    • Asks more thought-provoking questions
    • Uses active listening where speakers are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others
    • Develops greater abilities to sense, interpret, and respond to the unique set of needs and problems of others
    • Focuses empathy toward others by identifying contextual cues from feedback, and then adapting and modifying one’s own words, tone, and physical movements

    Drawing from classical behavioral and social sciences, and the thought leadership of Emotional, Social, and Conversation Intelligence, we will explore Adaptive Conversations for improving:

    • Leadership
    • Culture and Engagement
    • Sales
    • Customer Experience


    Jon Halleen

    Following several years as a clinical therapist, Jon transitioned to a career in sales and sales management. Jon refocused his capabilities to organizational consulting, training, and coaching.

    Jon is Vice President of Learning Development at The Coaching Hour, which applies principles from the behavioral and social sciences to facilitate the “Science and Art” of Adaptive Conversations. Outcomes are the mastery of sales, leadership, and organizational change.

    Jon holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and a graduate degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology.

  • Thu
    8:15 amImagineIT, Bloomington
    In today’s tight employment market, building strong relationships with your employees is a key to success in your recruiting and retention efforts. This starts with understanding what’s important to your employees.
    More than ever before, your staff wants to feel connected to a greater purpose both within and outside the walls of their workplace. A major way to bolster this type of engagement? Build deeper partnerships with organizations that offer your staff the opportunity to get out and tangibly help people in their local community, like The Ronald McDonald House.
    At this month’s Breakfast Club, Dorree Adelmann shares how companies like yours are able to work hand in hand with The Ronald McDonald House Charities to support positive outcomes for families with hospitalized children, while also serving to align your company goals with employee expectations and values. Not only will this promote stronger relationships within the communities you serve, it will also strengthen your internal culture. Working together towards a common goal naturally motivates your team to accomplish more.
    Join us for an inside look at the work this amazing organization is doing for families in crisis while gaining an understanding of how your company can get involved for the greater good.


    Dorree Adelmann

    Dorree Adelmann is the Manager at the Ronald McDonald Family Room located inside Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.  Before coming to Ronald McDonald house charities she spent many years at Calvary Lutheran in Golden Valley, most recently as Director of Hospitality.

    The RMH mission is that We, in partnership with our community, provide a comfortable and caring home-away-from-home that supports keeping families together and reduces stress during a child’s serious illness.  We provide meals, snacks, sleep rooms and a wonderful place of respite for families going through one of the most stressful times in their lives.  Gillette is a level one trauma center and gets kiddos helicoptered in from the 5 state area.  Dorree will share stories of families that have utilized the Family Room, what was offered to them and how it helped in so many ways.