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  • Fri
    8:15 amImagineIT, Bloomington

    Conversations are a core element of human interaction. Adaptive Conversations are a way of speaking that adapts the conversation to accommodate verbal and non-verbal feedback. Adaptive Conversation:

    • Asks more thought-provoking questions
    • Uses active listening where speakers are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others
    • Develops greater abilities to sense, interpret, and respond to the unique set of needs and problems of others
    • Focuses empathy toward others by identifying contextual cues from feedback, and then adapting and modifying one’s own words, tone, and physical movements

    Drawing from classical behavioral and social sciences, and the thought leadership of Emotional, Social, and Conversation Intelligence, we will explore Adaptive Conversations for improving:

    • Leadership
    • Culture and Engagement
    • Sales
    • Customer Experience


    Jon Halleen

    Following several years as a clinical therapist, Jon transitioned to a career in sales and sales management. Jon refocused his capabilities to organizational consulting, training, and coaching.

    Jon is Vice President of Learning Development at The Coaching Hour, which applies principles from the behavioral and social sciences to facilitate the “Science and Art” of Adaptive Conversations. Outcomes are the mastery of sales, leadership, and organizational change.

    Jon holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and a graduate degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology.